Halawah Bel Juben

Semolina and Cheese Dough Rolls Filled With our Kushta Cream Filling, Orange Blossom Water, Sugar Syrup.
4 Pieces $4.99 + Add Ice Cream $3.00


Semolina and Cheese Topped With our Homemade Kushta Cream, Orange Blossom Water, Sugar Syrup, Pistachio.
$4.99 + Add Ice Cream $3.00


Delicious Layers of Filo Dough Held Together with Sugar and Ghee, Stuffed with Your Choice of Walnut or Pistachio
2 Pieces Walnut $4.99 | Pistachio $5.99

Arabic Ice Cream

Unlike Traditional Ice Cream in the US, Arabic Ice Cream Is Thicker and More Elastic. It Consists Mainly of Milk, Cream, Salep, Mastic Gum, and Sugar.
3 Scoops $4.99 + $3.00 Pistachio

Muhalabia Pudding

Syrian “panna cotta” Cream Pudding Topped with Pistachio, Almond, and Cream.
$4.99 + $3.00 Ice Cream

Harissa Pistachio

Farina and Tahina Cakes Topped with Pistachio.

Shabiat Kushta

Thin Layers of Filo Dough Stuffed with Our Homemade Kushta Cream and Your Choice of Walnut & Cinnamon or Pistachio
$4.99 | + $0 Walnut & Cinnamon | + $1 Pistachio | + $3 Ice Cream


Shredded filo stuffed with cheese with hot syrup drizzled on top.
$4.50 + $3.00 Ice Cream

Kunafa Um Narain

Shredded filo stuffed with cream with hot syrup drizzled on top.

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